The Complete 2021 Guide

So you want to make a DIY Music Video then aye? Whilst i'd always recommend seeking out a professional to carry out those more involved projects (go on give us a message), there is definitely something to be said for DOING IT YOURSELF!

But I get it, it's hard when you have no concept of where to begin.

But fear not yung punx, Yeahdawgie is here to help!

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It really is as simple as it sounds. I see so many DIY bands completely fail to have any kind of concept. Come up with an idea and stick to it. Realistically you're probably going to be filming this on your phone, or if you're really lucky perhaps one of your band members has an old DSLR you can borrow, so keep it simple and concise! There was a reason you were drawn to that initial idea in the first place...


















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Long before I started studying Video Production the band I was playing in needed to create a music video quickly and more importantly FOR FREE! 


The song, on the face of it, was about listening to your favourite records with your pals all night long. So what did we do as broke young punx?  

Well the answer was simple! I filmed the singer writing down all the lyrics on what felt like billions of pieces of paper (sorry trees) and then we shot footage of the singer holding up our favourite records. 

You could not get a more simple concept, yet the video gained lots of traction on Facebook, with many of our friends, family and fans commenting their favourite records, and more importantly discussing various records amongst themselves.

Now what I haven't told you here was that our idea wasn't JUST to film our singer writing down lyrics and holding up records. It was to create something that would ultimately bring our fanbase together and make our band feel more like a community than just 3 blokes playing music (badly).

And it worked in many ways. The video on Facebook gained thousands of views and hundreds of comments. We were then able to use that video for Facebook Ads and because of it's 'Organic Success' those we advertised to were much more likely to actively engage on the ad (ahhh the joys of social proofing, yes we are all sheep). 

This in turn led to an increase in merch sales and gig opportunities and the song has since been streamed over 75'000 times on Spotify alone, not bad for a completely DIY punk band from a no-name village in Devon.

2. Involve your local community

What's one of the cheapest (and by cheap we mean FREE) and best ways to increase social media shares and reach? That's right, involve your friends, family and local community. Why not create a video that focuses on bringing as many people together as possible?

If you appear in a video, you're probably going to share it. Nans, dads, your band members sister, that girl you have a crush on, estranged brother-in-laws: They're all going to be sharing like crazy because they feature in your video.

Music is ultimately about connecting with people. Get them involved and the shares will happen organically !

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3. Feeling lo-fi

Okay, so just to recap we have focused on creating simple videos with strong DIY concepts to try and help create a video which will naturally have strong post engagements and retention rates. 

But what if you're unable to enlist the help of friends or the wider community?

What happens if a concept doesn't naturally pop into your head?

Your song is too complex, too lyrically challenging to have such a simple solution.

Well, in that case, keep it lo-fi.

There is nothing worse then trying to create something "professional" when you don't have the tools or skills to produce this.

You may think that the final chorus of the song deserves an EPIC CINEMATIC HELICOPTER SHOT OF THE BAND PLAYING ON TOP OF A BUILDING MADE OF GOLD WITH A DUCATI-WHITE ROLLS ROYCE - But it's not going to happen, at this stage.

Linked below is a fantastically captivating DIY Punk music video by Frank Turner's side project - Mongol Horde. It's a perfect example of keeping it cool and keeping it Lo-Fi.

4. Preparation, location & editing

If you've got this far and think it's all looking a little too much then we can help you. YEAHDAWGIE is a professional Video Production Company based in the rolling hills of North Devon. Having played in DIY bands for years, I appreciate that many bands don't have huge amounts of money to throw at videos. Send us a message and let's talk - It's often far less expensive than you may think and the rewards are clear to see.

Step 4 is all about preparation. There's no denying it, creating a video is very time consuming. Do your research, download one of the numerous free editing software's and shoot some test footage so you can play around with ideas you may have in your head. 

If you're planning on shooting in a location, scout out all the areas you have highlighted and take your phone/camera with you to see which looks best on-screen. As so often is the case, the place you had your heart set on might just look kinda whack when you actually go there. If the location is outside, take into consideration the time of day. It may be dark and dinghy in the morning, but look absolutely spectacular in the evening.

Seriously, preparation is key.

5. Watch lots of music videos

There's absolutely no shame in being influenced by someone else's music video at this stage. 

Watch lots of music videos and take note of what aspects appeal to you. There are literally thousands of simple DIY music videos which could provide you with the inspiration to create something truly unique and rad!

BlankTV (on YouTube) is a great place to start. A channel based on censor free DIY bands. The music videos they post are often super simple to create and very cool.

6. Funny is the new cool

I know there's a tendency to be super serious when you are in a band, and this perhaps is especially pertinent when you're trying to create your first DIY music video but do you really think The Chats would be where they are today if they didn't make the hilarious masterpiece of a music video for their song 'SMOKO'

As great as the track is, the video MADE them go viral.

Although this may not work for every band remember that music makes people feel, and throughout history there perhaps is no better way to bring people together than through making them laugh.

We live in a pretty serious world right now, stand out by being FUN.

7. HAVE FUN!!!

And this leads me onto my last point. Have fun. Always.

Making a music video (although hard work) is supposed to be fun. We inhabit this world just the once. Live long and live fun. Enjoy the process and your audience will be able to tell!